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GROUDAS ART & DESIGN is a collection of unique, one of a kind welded steel Sculpture, Lighting & Farmiture™.  All of our works are created from salvaged steel that has been hand selected from all across New York State.  Our original designs are inspired from rusty old car parts, vintage farm machinery, old bicycles, gears, antique lumber, barn wood and interesting industrial age objects. Each piece of salvaged steel we use in our sculptures and home furnishings has a story behind it.

Nancy and I married in the summer of 1997 and we have been creating art ever since.

Our latest endeavor is working with welded steel. We have always been “pickers” of unique found objects, intrigued about the history of each piece of old steel we find. We seek objects that once were proudly well made in the USA, strong and solid. The aged patina of the steel we unearth and recover stimulates us artistically. Many are works of art unto themselves. Our mission is to reclaim these steel objects, then blend and incorporate them into our Sculpture, Lighting, Farmiture™ and Assemblages.


7 thoughts on “About Us

  1. william martin

    I find this product to be extremely exclusive, and basically intellectually stimulating. I feel a connection with the Artiste’s, and also feel a comfort, and fulfillment of the senses. Mr & Mrs Groudas have cornered a powerful market. I am very anxious to commission the couple for a pristine ‘one of a kind’ piece for my home. This artwork jives with my groove.

    Mr. William Martin

  2. kay & Rick Vickers

    Nick and Nancy,
    We LOVE your web site! It’s laid out beautifully. The photos are wonderful. We had a smile on our faces the whole time. So many of your creations are delightful. The “Pressure people” in particular appeal to me, although there are so many unique items that we could have a very long list of what we like.
    Maybe at some point we’ll come out and see them. Good luck, and a truly great job, both in your creations and in the design of your web site.
    Kay & Rick Vickers

  3. Christine Burt

    To My Dear Friends Nick & Nancy. Your website is fantastic!! I love viewing each artful, one-of-a-kind piece the two of you have created. Your passion for what you do comes through in each piece. You are the most talented and creative couple I know. Your experience and love of art is evident in each creation! I know MANY people will get great pleasure from viewing this website and some may even be lucky enough to own some of your treasures! Keep up the great work! I’m so very proud of you both!
    In Friendship… Christine

  4. Joan Sicignano

    Dear Nick and Nancy,
    One word comes to mind about your work. Brilliant!. I wish you both all the best and I am so very proud of the both of you, success will come. Uncle Mike enjoyed your web site.

    Aunt Joanie and Uncle Mike

  5. lorraine mazza

    and to think i had something to do with this wonderful endeavor. you guys look great and your work is incredible my nephew would love the fish but a little out of my league. lol keep doing what you love and life will be a little more happier if that is possible. spoke to mom and she gave me the info hope to see you guys again someday until then love and kisses


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